Eye Tracking controlled Audio Sequencer:

This project, written in Processing, uses eye tracking as the sole control input for an audio sequencer. Read more at the University of Oregon.

Arduino based sound sensitive color organ:

This project uses the Arduino micro controller platform to sense ambient noise and alter a superbright LED multicolor display

Jello Delivery Service:

This short animated video was created and rendered with Blender, a 3D compositing and animation program. Audio and video exporting were handled with Transmission and Final Cut pro respectively.

Villard Building projection project:

This is a screen shot from 3d rendering of Villard Hall on the University of Oregon campus. It was used to create a 3D building projection

The accompanying video which was projected onto the building:

3D Sketch an etch 3D composite animation:

This video, used as the opening splash sequence to the IOS app 3D Sketch-an-Etch, was created and rendered with Blender to demonstrate the app’s 3D gyroscopic controls.